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Welcome to Buy to build

Each week our house hunting couple is on the search for their dream house and land package.

But with so many options, plus two very different personalities- how will they possibly make the right decision?

Well, that's where our host Walt Collins steps in.

Buy to Build offers a look a the country's latest display homes and land developments and matches the perfect combination for our weekly couple. 




Carla is a young professional who's looking to buy her first home and leave apartment rental life behind. What she DOESN'T want is a large oversized home in the outer burbs.. she's hanging on to the city living. Will she find her dream town home?




We are looking for house hunting couples to take part in our new upcoming season towards first half of 2024. If you love property, love the new smell of a display home and you want to be on national TV- we'd love to hear from you.

Record a 1-2 minute video of you and your partner introducing yourselves and answer the following questions:

1) What would be your main concern about your partner's style or colour choices in a new home if they had to choose on your behalf?

2) If you could build a dream display home, what would it look like?

Send us your video along with your contact details to this email or send via a direct message on our Facebook page.

Investment properties

George Markoski has 45 investment properties and teaches every day Aussies how, for just $100 a week you could own an investment property. Talking you through some of the pre-reqs and giving away some hot tips- this property coach explains how to get financial freedom through property

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Tax benefits for Property

George Markoski drops in to talk about using tax benefits to your advantage when it comes to investment property. There are options there to be enjoyed, but you need experts to show you how to be compliant and grow your portfolio of houses.

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Property investor secrets

George is back this week to talk about the big secrets professional property investors keep to help them get ahead of the game. You could buy an investment property portfolio and create passive income through rent returns!

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Location Location!

Just where exactly should you buy? What suburbs are hot and what are absolutely not! Our property expert George Markoski is back to talk about his tips for investment property hot spots. 

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