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6th April 2019

For our first episode, we are spending the day with the amazing Hooman and Dalena ,a young couple who run a dance studio in Melbourne. With two very different style tastes, the house hunt was a challenge.


13th April 2019

This week personal trainer to the stars Ryan and his Nurse Manager wife Carly are looking to spend big on a new forever home. With a new baby just weeks away, will Ryan's big picture plans put stress on the budget?


20th April 2019

This week Sydney siders Chris and Tonje are looking to spend big on a new house and land in the west of Sydney. Tonje is from Norway and has some ideas of her own about the style of the home they should choose. Chris is a Melburnian and loves his homely styles.

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27th April 2019

This week Sydney lads Mike and Cory have decided to take the plunge and invest in property together. Mike has done this plenty of times, but for Cory its a whole new world. Find out what happens when opinions clash!

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4th May 2019

Walt and the team traveled up to sunny Queensland to meet Anna and Justin- a super couple who love life and want to find a house to bring up their little family. Space, light and land are big concerns- but when two people agree on everything- will the right decisions be made?

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11th May 2019

Lauren and Daniel are a cute couple who live a quiet life and took the plunge to come on national TV to have Walt help find a house! As shy as they are- they really know their stuff and surprised us with some great decision making. You'll love Lauren and Daniel!

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18th May 2019

Flying solo, Sarah joins Walt on a special episode on upscaling and buying big. With several properties under her belt- Sarah shows us how to make good decisions and buy to impress.

A fantastic episode with some stunning homes.

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May 25th  2019

Season Finale - a look back at our most popular houses as chosen by you from our on-demand numbers. Walt takes us on a summary of the show and we also check out three brand new land developments which are set to change the face of the city.

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