Episode 2- Ryan and Carly in Melbourne

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This week on Buy to build, Ryan and Carly are ready to hit the display homes. Ryan is a personal trainer to the stars and Carly is a nurse manager- but will Ryan's big picture wish list put stress on the budget and their relationship!?

In the end they chose really well- good work guys.

House 1

The first house on the list is the Belvedere- this is the house with the big curvy staircase on entry. It has stunning open plan living plus jaw-dropping master bedroom and ensuite. A truly luxurious large home.


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House 2

Next on the shortlist was The Diz from Privium Homes and this house really offered something a little different for Ryan and Carly. A really unique interior and exterior featuring the design elements you'd expect from a quality house.


House 3

Third and final house on Walt's list was the Newport 413 from Fairhaven Homes and this screamed clean lines, open spaces, natural light and had SO many bedrooms!

Ryan got very excited about this build.



Because the cost of building these houses would vary from region to region and state to state- we don't show a generic price. Just hit the inquiry link and send us your location and any info and the producers will personally touch base with details about costs in your area :)

Land release 1

About an hour from Melbourne is Australia's second city, Geelong. It's a bustling small city with close links to Melbourne. Given the guys don't mind the drive, this Armstrong community from Villawood Properties has everything they need.

Land release 2

Delaray was an incredible land development in the South East of Melbourne, boasting a great community hub, pools, wetlands and plenty of lifestyle. This development has been very popular with young families looking for a safe and vibrant community.

Hot land tip

Third and final house on Walt's list was the Tathra 350 from Fairhaven Homes. A local builder, not to be outdone, this incredible house had a resort feel to it with luxury finishes and a sense of warmth. Delana was excited about the potential here.

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