Ever gone looking for a new house and a piece of land?

The series

Each week our house hunting couple is on the search for their dream house and land package.

But with so many options, plus two very different personalities- how will they possibly make the right decision? Well, that's where our host Walt Collins steps in.

Buy to Build offers a look a the country's latest display homes and land developments and matches the perfect combination for our weekly couple.


Hosted by Channel 10's Walt Collins, this lively new series will cover the major hotspots for land and property in Australia's capital cities. 

The couples

It's no easy job trawling the country looking for your dream house and land! In fact, every year in Australia, 200,000 people build a new house and many of those are off the plans with a volume builder.

Choosing your land or your home first? You need to think carefully, because whilst your heart could be set on a house design- potential considerations on your lot of land could mean you have to rethink.

Each week we meet a new couple and join them in the hunt for their dream patch of Australia. It's not without a few dramas along the way of course. Just the way we like it :)

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The houses

There are thousands of house designs and hundreds of builders all eager to make you theirs. Each offering unique (or not so unique) styles, additions, extras and carrots to dangle- all hoping you'll build with them.

In each episode Walt researches, shortlists and presents three suitable houses for our couple- taking into consideration their budget, their often differing styles and the reality of their situation.

Why don't you list the price of the house or land?

Good question! Because the series airs nationally and will be repeated, each city, state and region would have differing prices for the same house or similar patch of land. And when this show is repeated in 2 years or on air in Uzbekistan... we won't get complaints about inaccurate pricing. :)

The land

We've teamed up with a couple of big name land developers to get inside access and first-looks at what is happening in Australian land sales. There are vast new suburban sprawls unfolding right across the nation so how do you know where is good to buy?

On this series, Walt profiles two potential land communities that could suit our couple to build their house. Plus, we'll take a look at what's hot, or our land prediction, for the near future.

Of course, some of these releases are just patches of dirt for now, so you'll need a creative eye and some good forward thinking!

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The crew

We have a small, but superbly selected crew on this show as we travel around the nation! Here are the team:


Executive Producer: Walt Collins

Associate Producer: Matt Tyrrell

Director of Photography: Ewen Allport

Second Camera: Brett Williams, Ryan Smith, Col Larsen, Andrew Jackson, Tim Stringer, Geoff Blee

Audio: Ben Banks, Chris McCallum, Lee Parker, Jo Dutaillis

Production Office: Marie Angeleski, Rose Parsons, Patrick Downs

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