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29th Feb 2020

For our season return, Sam and Rosie have just returned back from living in Hong Kong. They're cashed up and ready to buy big in Brisbane's South.

But with thousands of styles to choose from, will cracks start to show in the house hunt of a lifetime!

EPISODE 2- 7th March

7th March 2020

Felix and Lauren are a young Melbourne couple looking to build a brand new home. Felix is from Germany has has strong opinions on style and taste, so it's up to Lauren to stand her ground and keep the project on budget!

EPISODE 3- 21st March

21st March 2020

Abbas and Challis are looking to buy their dream home off the plans in Western Sydney and build through a major builder. They love the finer things in mind and don't mind a bit of bling in their build! So Walt has a big job on his hands!

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28th March 2020

Ben and Lindsay wrap up season 3 for us with a terrific house hunt in Melbourne. Ben has some big plans for a large home but Lindsay is keen to keep it manageable and modest!

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