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Chris and Emilly, Melbourne

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Emilly and Chris are fresh out of lockdown and like millions of Melburnians, have realised they need more space for their lovely family to grow into. So Walt is on the hunt for three stunning displays to get them going

House 1

The Caroline from Dulger Homes really impressed us for house number 1- double story with a huge and vast open plan design. In terms of growing up with a family, this house is perfect for Chris and Emilly. You'll love the look and layout- but was it too big for Emilly?

House 2

House number 2 was the single story, super sexy Marsden from Burbank. Emilly really loved the layout and how you could hide the kids bedrooms away. This house was fully functional design wise, but was it the wrong style for Chris?

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House 3

The hunt for house number 3 took a great turn when we came across this hidden gem. The Dilon from Dulger Homes was a single story paradise. Huge wide hallways, high cathedral ceilings and lots of space!


Because the cost of building these houses would vary from region to region and state to state- we don't show a generic price. Just hit the inquiry link and send us your location and any info and the producers will personally touch base with details about costs in your area :)

Grants and Finance

Our mate Viktor the Mortgage Broker drops in again to talk to us about grants- how they work, whats available and how to apply for them. In some states you can get up to $50k towards your build. Great news if youre a first home buyer!

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