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Walt Collins tv host
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Walt Collins - host.



Walt Collins is a great asset to our series. Charming, believable and very genuine- he has all the elements to help us make a great series.

You might be familiar with Walt's work on the acclaimed Channel 10 series, Healthy Homes Australia- where he is the other half of the Walt and Dani Wales duo! Walt also hosts Country House Facelift on Channel 10, which showcased his renovation of a stunning old farmhouse

Walt Collins is a lifestyle TV favourite with a very laid back and intelligent approach to presenting an information packed program. With a background in building and construction (carpenter), Walt can add some vital knowledge on the builders and the building process.

Despite his tattoo's and rugged looks (sorry, who wrote this?) Walt is actually a big softie at heart and is passionate about animals and loves his family and friends.

Being the host of 11 seasons of Healthy Homes Australia has given Walt priceless knowledge about the Australian home space, so it's a given that he can translate vital information into viewer-friendly television.

Walt Collins is an ambassador for Pet Medical Crisis, Oscars Law and several homeless charities. You'll also hear him proudly talk about his love and respect for single parent families- of which Walt was a product of.

Connect with Walt on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news.

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