Episode 3- Chris and Tonje in Sydney

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This week on Buy to build, Chris and Tonje are on the hung for a big forever home in Sydney, on the outside they are not giving much away and being yes people- so Walt's job is extra tough!

Eventually they surprised everyone, including themselves, on the final choice of home!

House 1

The first house on the list is Fairview from Simonds and this home really impresses. It's a single story and comes with varying options for add-ons and upgrades. Chris and Tonje really liked this one.


simonds logo.jpg
House 2

I don't think they quite expected a house like this one to be thrown into the mix. It has a perfect balance of earthy, natural materials and does look very Nordic just like Tonje's wishlist. Double story and lots to talk about.


Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 3.57.56 pm.png
House 3

House number three was a real curve ball from Walt- it was a stunning two story home, but had a granny flat which came with the build. That had it's own entrance so they could rent it out to help with the repayments.


Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 4.06.02 pm.png

Because the cost of building these houses would vary from region to region and state to state- we don't show a generic price. Just hit the inquiry link and send us your location and any info and the producers will personally touch base with details about costs in your area :)

Land release 1

About 40 minutes from Sydney towards the western growth corridor is a stunning land development called Willowdale. So many parks, open lands, walking tracks and so much shopping! This was a fantastic community to visit and there are lots still available.

Land release 2

Elara is in the North West of Sydney in Marsden Park, which is super close to the important freeways, transport and shops. It's a vibrant community with sporting facilities, schools and varying lot sizes. Elara really struck a chord with Walt.

Hot land tip

This week's hot tip for land is the beautiful Sunshine Coast and a stunning development called Aura. This is a water side community with everything a young family needs to build an exciting and healthy lifestyle.

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