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Ben and Lindsay in Melbourne

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Ben and Lindsay are a glamorous young couple with a young family who need to build a bigger home on a new lot. Ben has some big plans for bright and bold, but Lindsay feels she would prefer homely and more manageable. So what will they do when it comes to decision time?

House 1

We started strong with house number 1, the Willow 25 from Homebuyers Centre- a stunning 4 bedroom, single story house. This design offered everything this couple needed and with the flexible floor plans, allowed them to customise it for their needs.

Lindsay was quite sold on this one!

House 2

Well house number 2 certainly did impress the both of them, but perhaps not their budget. They did say they had some wriggle room to Walt when it comes to spend, so he took that as a yes to a massive upsize. The Breamlea from Fairhaven delivered 6 beds, 6 bathrooms and a luxury we haven't seen for a while on the show!

House 3

House three was again, a serious contender for Ben and Lindsay. They had to think hard about too much space, versus modest manageable size. The Kirwan from Dulger really struck a chord with these two and even their little bub Eddie had a good look around!


Because the cost of building these houses would vary from region to region and state to state- we don't show a generic price. Just hit the inquiry link and send us your location and any info and the producers will personally touch base with details about costs in your area :)

Willowdale Community

Situated in Craigeburn in Melbourne's north, this awesome established community has some new releases on the market. Flush with parks, transport, infrastructure and tree lined streets, this development is great for all types of buyers.

Cloverton Community

Cloverton is set to become Victoria's largest master-planned community and is already underway. Just 38km's from Melbourne, this development offers a huge range of lot styles and surrounded by amenities.


This week's land to watch is Mt Atkinson in Melbourne's West. A stunning new community that is under construction. Future plans

for shopping centres, amenities and education will make this one of Victoria's most sought after new developments.

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