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Anthony and Dylan, Geelong

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These two lads are looking to build big, with entertaining at the core of the search. With big families and the need to take care of Nan- the search is on for the perfect house design, in Geelong, Victoria.

House 1
House 1 is the Artisan from Metricon and really showcased luxe living. Whilst this home was huge, there are smaller variations of the design. Bling was on point for this beauty!
House 2

The Grange from Boutique Homes really impressed the boys- lots of room to grow and a very stylish floor plan. This is a great family home.

House 3

Walt's curveball this week is from Little Constructions - a custom builder. Will these two city boys be wowed by a bit of country living?

House 3

House 4 today is the Hannaford from Burbank- a really popular house design with families. Lots of living spaces and that ground floor suite for Nan!

Because the cost of building these houses would vary from region to region and state to state- we don't show a generic price. Just hit the inquiry link and send us your location and any info and the producers will connect you with the closest person to your area.

Investment Property boom?

Should you buy your investment property now, or wait until the boom starts again? Is your borrowing power reduced due to the world economy? George is a property coach and has the answers!

Apartment planning

In the final installment of Walt's reports on buying into apartments and town houses, we hit the GM of a buyer's advocate site up, to talk trade secrets!

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